Combat and Fighting Course


The Combat & Fighting Course is a course that features techniques and skills from Krav Maga, but focuses primarily on combat striking skills. While the regular Krav Maga course drills trainees on effective defensive techniques, the Combat & Fighting Course hones the trainees’ “Retzev” spirit and fighting skills. This course serves to give even the most inexperienced students a taste of real combat situation, and turns them into top fighters.

The Combat & Fighting Course differs from other striking martial arts in that it incorporates dirty striking techniques, flinching, explosive motions and instinctive reactions.


The Combat & Fighting system include:

  • Physical preparation
  • Increasing attack capability
  • Mental Skills
    1. Creating mental triggers
    2. Minimizing internal dialog and flickering of the mind
    3. Visualization: decrease fear, invest in loss and accept defeat, from losing to winning
    4. Training method to increase aggression, determination, persistence, courage and focus

Upcoming Courses

Combat & Fighting Course – Retzev Introduction

Date : 28/Mar/15 (Saturday)
Time : 3pm to 5pm
Course fee : Free
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Course Sypnosis
Retzev is a Combat & fighting fighting concept that is developed for ordinary people that traverse the modern world. There are not hard and fast rule. Learn it and it becomes a tool of your self defence arsenal, a part of you.

Who is this for
People with no Martial Art Background, Protect Krav Maga Students, Martial Artists

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