Corporate/Customized Seminar & Workshop

As the global threat status for the general public has increased after the 9:11 attack in the United States of America, the government of countries all around the globe had raise into action – by improving check point security, improve counter terrorism policies. The public (you and me) have also sub-consciously raised the sense of safety in each of us – one will be more sensitive to threats while on the streets overseas and even in Singapore. Such is the need of a good grounding of self defense.

The most important resource in a firm is its people. The intangibles generated by good employees, in summation, are hard to account for by accountants; it could be the energy and drive that a good staff can bring to the workplace, the strong technical skills that a staff brings on a daily basis – aspects that the company enjoys from the very staff and in turn makes the company tick. There are staff insurance policies set in place, however, insurance is a by product/history of a lethal action.

By losing such an employee to a hostile situation without giving the employee a chance to defend himself/herself, is a “negligence” by the company’s management to prepare and equip her staff with adequate self defense skills – this is especially so for staffers that travels regularly or are located in high crime rate areas around the world.

Protect-SG Corporate/company self defense workshops are designed to equip each of your staff a sense of threat acknowledgement and analysis, a key eye for opportunities to escape and the technical ability to manoeuver out of such threatening situations. Each workshop are delivered in a relaxed and fun way, so that participants will feel engage and thus learn and remember techniques better.

Below are programs that are suitable for Corporate/Company wide functions  :

1) Basic Self Defense Workshop

1 Day Workshop

  • 2-3 hours of workshop
  • Objective 1 – Learn the pre-conflicts analyses / Situational Awareness
  • Objective 2 – Learn to defend against different Common Attacks Situation
  • Objective 3 – Learn different weapon defense
  • Objective 4 – Learn to analyse and escape hostile situation


2) Customized Workshops

  1. Combat & Fighting Workshop
  2. Car Jacking Workshop
  3. Edge/Blunt Weapon Defense
  4. Defend Against Common Street Attack
  5. Improvise Weapon Defense
  6. 3rd Party Protection
  7. Air Safe Workshop
  8. Front Line Defense Workshop
  9. Active Attacker Seminar

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