Protect Singapore, also known as Protect-SG, is the Singaporean representative for Protect- Israel. Apart from customised Krav Maga trainings for both commercial and individual needs, Protect-SG also serves as a platform for businesses in Singapore to work with Israeli security experts for a whole range of security needs.


Since its establishment in 2009, Protect-SG have trained over 10,000 individuals from all walks of life. These students of Krav Maga have learnt to defend against various types of street attacks that they may encounter either in their line of duty or in their personal lives. Protect-SG is also an experienced organization that has provided fun and effective training for various organizations and groups of people, including schools, volunteers, corporate clients, nurses, security agencies, law enforcement personnel and military personnel.


Master Instructor, Protect Krav Maga
Certified Protect-Israel Krav Maga Instructor
Mr Ong GuanLong
HP: (+65) 8127 8268
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Address: 11 Hongkong Street (Level 5), Singapore 059654

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