Protect-Israel-logoFounded by Dr Itay Gil, Protect-USA/Israel is an Israeli Security Firm that provides a whole range of security solutions to both government and private organisations. The company currently provides armed and unarmed combat training for various government agencies in Israel, including the Israeli Defence Force Counter-terrorism unit, the Israeli Police Force and the Security Unit of the Israel Office of the President. It also provides security consultation services and other security related businesses. Formerly a combatant with the Yamam himself, Dr. Itay Gil was featured in the Krav Maga episode of History Channel’s Human Weapon. Notably, he was the only instructor who had access to the Israeli Defence Force’s training ground.


Protect is Israel’s leading private combat training service provider for the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Forces. The government of Israel has chosen Protect over hundreds of other service providers because the Company has unparalleled skill, knowledge and professionalism. While some of the Protect clients cannot be mentioned by name, following is a partial client list:

  1. Israel Secret Service & Presidential Security
  1. Mikud Security
  1. Israeli Counter terrorism Unit (YAMAM)
  1. Israeli Undercover Unit (YAMAS)
  1. IDF Commando (LOTAR)
  1. Israeli Border Police
  1. Israel Ministry of Internal Security
  1. The Israel Museum
  1. Israel Ministry of Housing
  1. Citizen Intelligence
  1. Jerusalem Police security for the Western Wall Complex
  1. Israel Prisons Service
  1. Ministry of Transportation
  1. Israel Tax Authority
  1. Las Vegas Sheriff’s Dept. SWAT
  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
  1. FBI
  1. Brazil Law Enforcement Officer
  1. Holland Military Force
  1. W.A.T Unit
  1. Belgium Law Enforcement Officer
  1. Kenya Military Force