Law Enforcement Krav Maga Course

TDSC_0707EDIThe role of a law enforcement officer is both unique and challenging. As a result, the set of skills required of a law enforcement officer is also very different from other vocations. While a soldier trains to kill in close combat, and a civilian trains to protect himself from aggressors, a law enforcement officer has to be able to exercise maneuvers to protect himself and restrain the offender without causing excessive hurt to the offender.

In most democratic societies, the law enforcement officer is required to use only the appropriate amount of force to protect and enforce the law. As such, law enforcement officers often face the dilemma of risking his life by using too little force, or risking his job by being too aggressive. Fortunately, Krav Maga is a flexible tool that can be adapted to various scenarios that may be encountered by law enforcement officers in their line of duty. For instance, Krav Maga teaches law enforcement officers restrain techniques that can pin a subject down with minimal permanent damage to the subject. Officers are also trained to assess threat levels and to maintain a posture that can help him react to rapidly escalating situations.

Law EnforcementLaw enforcement officers are also armed with various tools and weapons to respond to different levels of threat. As a result, Protect-SG’s law enforcement Krav Maga also teaches officers techniques that can maximize the efficiency of these tools. This includes proper handcuffing techniques, baton techniques and the use of pistols as a “cold weapon” (without firing).

Law enforcement agencies teach Krav Maga because it allows their trainees the following benefits:

  1. The ability to operate under enormous pressure. Krav-Maga allows the law enforcer to continue operating even under extremely unusual and complicated situations.
  2. Enabling the law enforcer the required skills to complete various tasks.
  3. The flexibility to incorporate the Krav Maga techniques to suit different countries’ set of laws.

In sum, the focus of law enforcement Krav Maga is to train officers to apply restraining techniques to subdue the subject, rather than to kill him or retreat from him.

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