Female Instructor – Ira Kezia

Ira Kezia
Protect Female Instructor

Coach Ira is a firm believer that every woman must have the skills and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.She understands that female are generally of the weaker gender and the truth that she learnt the hard way from her experience is that SIZE DOES MATTER!She highly enforce the need for females to equip themselves with defence skills that are stupid and simple such as using a Pen or any other improvised weapons to defend themselves and to learn different dirty fighting skill to create millisecond of chance to fight your way out to safety instead of using Grappling or Stand-up fighting with bigger or multiple assailants.

Before her family settled down in Singapore, as a child, she witnessed women being helplessly attacked on the street with no one willing to step forward to rescue them. The fear that she might be as helpless as them was embedded in her mind. It had brought her to learn different Martial arts and Combat system to protect herself and her loved ones.

At 2013 Coach Ira attended Dr. Itay Gil seminar in Singapore and was impressed by the simplicity of the Krav Maga techniques, she decided that Krav Maga System from Israel was the best system she had been looking for. From then on, she has immersed herself in Krav Maga trainings to become certified in Krav Maga Coaching.

Coach Ira has competed in Muay Thai Competition, Sanda tournament, International Taekwondo Competition and International Kendo Competition. After her competitions she went into coaching for children and progressed into coaching for adults and self-defence for ladies.

Certification and Qualification:

  1. Protect-SG certified Krav Maga Instructor
  2. Protect-SG Female Krav Maga Chief-Instructor
  3. Protect-SG Combat & Fighting Trainer
  4. Singapore Synagogue Krav Maga Head Instructor
  5. Israeli Embassy of Singapore Appointed Krav Maga Instructor
  6. Singapore Hua Min Physical Association (General Secretary)
  7. JKA Shotokan Karate 1 Dan Black belt
  8. Taekwondo certified Instructor
  9. Taekwondo 2nd degree black belt
  10. Tangshou 1st duan
  11. International Taekwondo Championship Singapore Participant
  12. Taekwondo Fighter (2003-2008)
  13. Sanda Fighter (2005-2009)
  14. Muay Thai Fighter(2011-2012)
  15. Trained basic children Gymnast instructor
  16. Bachelor in Accounting (RMIT)