Military Krav Maga Course

Military 1Originally developed for war-time close combat, Krav Maga is ideal for military personnel who want to improve their operational readiness and enhance their war-fighting skills. Protect’s Military Krav Maga Courses (MKMC) gives trainees a simple, effective and aggressive set of techniques which requires minimal time for training and delivers maximum results.

Protect’s MKMC close quarter combat system trains the frontline soldier in the use of a variety of tools and weapons that enables him to make the right decisions in times of violent conflicts. Soldiers will learn to deal with a whole spectrum of scenarios, whether they are armed or unarmed, operating as an individual or a team, and in both close quarters and open spaces. This training provides soldiers with options to neutralize threats when higher force alternatives cannot, or must not be immediately accessed. MKMC trains the soldier in both offensive and defensive tactics.

Our way of Krav Maga employs a systematical approach, by developing well-integrated and highly effective techniques, tactics, actions and principles, which can applied to deal with a variety of attack scenarios. The system is characterized by coherent and logical thinking that builds up easy, natural with practical techniques and desirable actions which feature simple body movements. Protect-SG Krav Maga system is designed so that a soldier is trained to solve new problems under stress and specific principles can be applied to deal with several potential attacks/scenarios sequentially or simultaneously.

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Protect Military Krav Maga Course is designed for the following groups:

  1. Military instructors and officers in charge of close combat training
  2. Active soldiers who wish to expand their close quarter fighting abilities.
  3. Existing Protect assistant instructors

We require non-Krav Maga instructors who wish to take a part in this Instructors Course to take a one-week crash course to introduce the participants to a minimum of fighting and instructing capabilities.

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Military Krav Maga Course

MKMC introduces the soldiers and officers to how Krav Maga can be tailored and implemented into military training, how it should be taught and how PROTECT operates. We provide training to help soldiers and officers adapt Krav Maga techniques into their daily operations. MKMC is built upon the following skillset: combat skills, tactics, mental conditioning as well as real life scenario training.

The general MKMC is 7-10 days for PROTECT instructors and an additional 5 days for active service members with no Krav Maga background. The MKMC is physically strenuous and we have minimum requirements that must be met before participants can be enrolled.

In the MKMC you will experience the correct integration of the different military skills of armed and unarmed combat, relevant defensive tactics and self-defense, relevant military protection of other and more. CQC with and without the firearms is an integral part of this course. A day of training is 8-10 hours per day. The course also includes theory and lectures.

Military 3The course is physically very demanding with several exhausting exercises during the course. We urge you to make sure that you can perform these suggested physical tests (mandatory for professionals):

  • 2.4 km run – 12 min or less
  • Sit-ups – 50 or more (2 minutes)
  • Pushups – 50 or more (2 minutes)
  • Pull-ups – 8 or more

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