Executive Protection Course (EPC)


ProtectSGVIP In today’s unpredictable environment, it is increasingly common for the rich and famous to employ bodyguards to protect themselves from various threats that arise from their wealth or status. It is, therefore, imperative that Executive Protection Officers are sufficiently equipped with the proper skills to fend off threats to the principal, along with professional ethics that guide the Officers’ actions and behaviour. With our comprehensive theoretical and realistic practical training, you can give your clients the confidence and protection they deserve and require.

Programmes available
The Executive Protection Programme conducted by Protect-Singapore equips participants with both hard skills; based on Krav Maga principles, and soft skills; which helps Executive Protection Officers with their communication skills while they are on duty. Participants will also learn to disengage threats non-lethally and appropriately to project a professional image for the security firm. The Programme is divided into 3 Phases :

  • Executive Protection Local Phase (6 days – unarmed)
  • Executive Protection Overseas Phase (5 days – armed)
  • Executive Protection Shooting Phase (2 days)

Each phase comprises of a theoretical and practical assessment of the skills learnt during the course.
Grading / Assessment will be done on the last day of each phase.
Participants who fails to achieve the prescribed requirements will not receive certification.


The scope of Protect-Singapore’s Executive Protection Training Programme is broad and skills oriented. Much emphasis is placed on restrain and control techniques. Participants will learn the theories of Executive Protection in great breadth and depth, as they will be equipped to take on the role of a leader of an Executive Protection Team. The following topics are covered Executive Protection Programme conducted by Protect-Singapore:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a bodyguard
  • General Precepts of a good bodyguard
  • Security planning and mission planning
  • Defending against common armed and unarmed attacks
  • Restraining and taking down aggressors
  • Use of secure radio communication
  • Foot Formation in various situations
  • Third Party Protection
  • Vehicle Security
  • Firearms familiarisation and live execution
  • First aid and emergency aid
  • Realistic “Pressure Tests” with full protective gears

Details on up coming EPC Course run Year 2015

EPC Local Phase : 18/DEC/2015 to 23/DEC/2015


EPC Overseas Phase : 26/DEC/2015 to 31/DEC/2015


EPC Overseas Shooting Phase : 26/DEC/2015 to 27/DEC/2015

Course Location

Local Phase : Protect-Singapore Training Facility (11D Hongkong Street S059654)
Overseas Phase : Thailand Bangkok

Course Participant Quota

10 officers

To register for the upcoming Executive Protection Course, please email queries@protect-sg.com with completed forms (click on links below) :

Local Phase

Overseas Phase

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E-mail: queries@protect-sg.com
Cell Phone: +65 9832 3024 / 8127 8628