Our Management

Protect-Singapore is managed by a group of enthusiastic young men. With a diverse background and a different set of skills, each member of the Protect-Singapore team contributes to the partnership in their unique ways. Nonetheless, all Instructors are Protect-USA/Israel certified Krav Maga Instructors capable of delivering quality instructions in the Israeli art of self defence.

As Protect-SG’s operation grows, so has the number of instructors and programs.

Another Protect-Singapore’s Business Unit is Combat-R.E.V. – Martial Art arm of Protect-SG. Combat R.E.V. has 3 distinct programs -namely “Boxing”, “Muay Thai”, “R.E.V. Fitness”.

Our Management:

Ong Peng Yong
Ong GuanLong (a.k.a G.L)

Our Instuctors:

1) Krav Maga – G.L , Steve

2) Muay Thai – G.L , Steve

3) Boxing – Steve

4) R.E.V. Fitness – G.L , Steve